Friday, June 15, 2007

Possible Moves/Targets...

I decided to compile a list of players, who I think the Rays should consider going after, and also what it would take to get the said player.

1. Michael Barrett, C Chicago Cubs

Why we should do it? Anyone that follows baseball would know that the recent clubhouse troubles that Barrett has had. He seemingly just will not fit in Chicago, and I think Tampa should welcome him with open arms. Lets just consider his last year stats: .307 BA and 16 HR. Now consider what Navi has done for us so far this year: .179 BA and 0 HR. Think about all of those times that Navi has been up in clutch situation, and you already knew the end result.

What will it take? I think the starting point in this deal would be Navarro, then whatever else we could add on until the Cubs take the bait. I have come up with 2 scenarios that I think could possibly be succesful: 1. Navarro and Dukes 2. Navarro, Zobrist, Ruggiano

Chance of Happening? 20% Although there have been recent problems in Chicago, I think it will all be forgotten once Barret starts hitting a little better, but lets hope a deal can go through!!

2. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, Atlanta Braves

Why should we do it? Salty has been on our list for a while and the opportunity to get a deal is slowly dwindling. He is one of the top catching prospects in all of baseball, but is behind Brian McCann, who one of the elite catchers in the game, and at a young age. The Braves will likely try and move Salty to first, but if the right offer came in, they wouldnt be able to turn it down.

What would it take? Again it would likely start with Navi, I could see a Navi + Wiggy or Baldelli, maybe a player to be named later as well. With Wiggy it could help fill in a hole at 1B, but also add the ultimate utility player. A Trade of Baldelli could be a pre-emptive move on the Braves part, if they do not plan on re-signing Andruw Jones in the offseason.

Chances of it Happening? %10, they have waited this long with Salty, doubt they move him now.

3. Aaron Heilman P, NY Mets

Why should we do it? Heilman is only 28 years old, and he has some very good stuff. He has pitched to a 3.86 ERA this year, and I think that he could be very useful to the Rays as a reliever. We have always had interest in him, but a deal has never been made.
What will it take? offer would be Dukes straight up. The Mets deseperately need help in the outfield, and we should use that as a chance to capitalize.

Chances of Happening? 15%, The Mets are very wary of talking the Rays after getting burnt in the Kaz/Zambrano deal. Even if it were a fair trade, that alone could shut down a deal.

These are just a couple deals that we could possibly see going down to help the Rays, feel free to comment on how you feel.

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Jordi said...

Hey, just found the blog.
Thought about the Heilmann-Dukes trade as well. There are a few reasons why it wouldn't work:
1) Heilmann wants to start. He only pitches in relief because he knows the Mets don't want to start him so he gave up the argument a few years ago.
2) Can you imagine the media pressure on Dukes in NY? Why would the Mets want that circus?
3) When Alou and Green come back, the Mets will have a full outfield and still have Milledge and other could-be major leaguers in the minors. Why would they want another outfielder who should be playing everyday?
4) The Mets bullpen is not that deep that they can trade from there. Especially Heilmann.

Other than that, it sounds like a good trade.