Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rays Bats Peaved by Padres

For those of you who missed the game last night, it will be really easy for yourself to recreate what you missed out on. All you need to do is put on a Rays shirt, pick up a bat, and then throw a ball up in the air and miss repeatedly. Then you need to find a friend who's name closest resembles Edwin Jackson, and beat them as if they were Elijah Duke's wife.

Edwin Jackson really knows how to get your hopes up just enough to crush them. Lately he has been turning the corner and starting to produce quality starts, and we are all just waiting for that breakout start to build a trust with him. One would assume that last night's start wouldve been the perfect opportunity, pitching against the best pitcher in the league and the Padres anemic offense. But then one would assume wrong, as he managed to give up 5 times as many runs as outs produced.

The silver lining in the game though was the work of Jason Hammel, who came in and finished up the first and then went another 6 innings while only giving up 3 runs. The next logical move will be Hammel replacing Jackson in the rotation, I would say that they both have earned this change. Also, Dioner Navarro got a hit, nothing spectacular, but worth mentioning since it only happens once every 3 years.

News and Notes:
BJ Upton is going on the 15-day DL, and to fill his spot the Rays will bring up Jonny F'n Gomes. With Upton and Baldelli out, it really takes away from the speed of the team, our lineup has been filled with injuries all year, it will be fun to see what it can do when everyone is healthy.
- Witasick is excited to be a Ray, but not nearly as excited as we are to have him here.

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