Monday, July 30, 2007

Bye Bye Wiggy!!

Let's first start by mentioning that we will sincerely miss having Ty Wigginton as a member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Wiggy was a hustler, a leader, and a grinder. He played with the type of attitude that every player should play with. With all of that being said, moving Wiggy was ABSOLUTELY the right move to make. The future of this team has no plans involving Wiggy, at best he would be used a utility infielder. The Rays have now turned a utility infielder into a good relief option, which if you add up our previous good relief options, that leaves us with 1 good relief option. Many would argue that Al Reyes is a great relief option, but ever since his return from his injury stint, his fastball doesn't have as much movement as it did previously, and we expect it to show in the next month or so. With all of this said, lets break down the trades.

Rays acquire: (RP) Dan Wheeler Astros acquire: (Name Any Position) Ty Wigginton

Breakdown: We know the Astros are trying to beef up their offense, but this move is puzzling. While Wiggy's power should excel in their park, he will still have a low OPS, and will continue to be a way better fantasy player than actual player. The Rays however acquire a pitcher who already has a history with the team, including a great relationship with Jim Hickey, the pitching coach. Hickey was Wheeler's pitching coach during his 2 best seasons in which he posted sub-3 era's. If Wheeler's isn't moved again before the trade deadline, expect the Rays front office to get him signed to a extension before years end.
Who wins: Rays got the better end of this trade, its not even close.

Rays acquire: (RP) Grant Balfour Brewers acquire: (RP) Seth McClung

Breakdown: This is a move very similar to the Brazelton/Burroughs move from a couple years ago. Its a change-of-scenery trade, where the Rays receiver a high risk/high reward opportunity in Balfour. He has had injury problems in the past, but he has posted some solid numbers while healthy. He has yet to post good MLB numbers, but he also has limited experience. McClung has proven that he can throw the ball really hard, and he has also proven he's not really sure where that ball is going. If McClung can limit his walks, he could prove to be a successful major league pitcher, only time will tell.

Who wins: TBD; both of these players have loads of talent, but haven't capitalized on it yet. I like the trade for both teams, and also for both of the players.

Rays acquire: (RP) Brian Shackelford, (RP) Calvin Medlock Reds acquire: (2B?) Jorge Cantu, (OF) Shaun Cumberland

Breakdown: We would've been happy trading Cantu for a used jock strap, getting some value in return is just a bonus. Shackelford is 30 years old, but still learning himself as a pitcher, since he was converted from the outfield in 2001. He will immediately join the bullpen, and will be an upgrade over Casey Loss-um. Medlock has proven to be a successful pitcher in the minors, and will be given a chance to grow in the Rays system. Let it be known that I used to love Jorge Cantu, I even met him in person at the mall once, but his attitude this season will make me hate him as a player forever. You are getting paid to do a job, if your boss doesn't think you are cutting hit, he can assign you to another project, and as long as your still getting paid, you shouldn't have anything to complain about.

Who wins: The Rays, getting anything for him is a surprise at this point.

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